Thursday, 11 November 2021

It's Time For CIUT's Fall Funding Drive!


Yes it's CIUT's Fall Membership Funding Drive again. You know; that time of year when we go to you our faithful listeners to ask for your support for another year. I know it's been a hard year but CIUT has been on the air the whole time with your quarentine radio needs and we just won the runner-up spot in Now Magazine's Best Radio Station poll. So thanks! But still need to pay our bills. Remember all the money we raise all goes right back into the station, and there's always something that needs fixing or replacing. So it's back to work.

CIUT 89.5fm is Toronto's listener supported community radio station. We have a unique blend of music, news, talk and arts programming not to be found any where else on the dial. All brought by volunteers with very few paid ads for more rock less talk.


My show;"Moondog's Ballroom" Tuesdays at 5pm brings the Punk, Rockabilly,Surf, Garage, Psyche, Blues, Honky Tonk, Swing, Gospel, Ska and various combinations thereof from the 1940's, 50's, 60's to today. Including some stuff rarely if ever played on the radio. I've also done live sessions with The Vibrators, Robyn Hitchcock, BB Guns, Split Lip Rayfield, CATL, Speaking Tongues, Fruitbats, Bela Clava, Three Blue Teardrops, Blue Demons, Maximum RnR, B-17, Christian & the Hangovers, Luau Or Die and more for unique recordings, with more planned for the future.

That's where you, our faithful listeners come in.

Just cuz CIUT has very few paid ads doesn't mean we have no costs. We have to pay for the equipment, a small paid staff and our transmitter, and we are hoping to buy a new one to improve our signal. But we need you to become members of CIUT and show your support.

Here's the drill;
1. Listen in to "Moondog's Ballroom" Tuesday Nov 16 at 5pm
2. Phone in to 416-946-7800 or more likely go online to our secure server at
3. Make a pledge of $50 to my show and become a member of CIUT
4. Become one of the Cool Kids!

It's Just That Easy!


And as an added incentive all those who become members at $89.50 level make a pledge and become a member are added to our grand prize draw which this year includes; A trip for two to Rekyavik, Iceland! Other prizes include;
a) Entertainment prize Pack 1; A Denon DN-500BD MK2 Blu Ray DVD player and a Universal Columbia Films Collection including "Taxi Driver", "Anatomy of a Murder", "Oliver!", "Stripes", "Sense and Sensibility", "The Social Network" (value $500)
b) Entertainment Prize Pack 2; A Denon DN-500BD MK2 Blu Ray DVD player and a Box Set of the Underworld Series (value $500)
c) A One Year Pass to the Supermarket covering all ticketed shows (two passes will be drawn)
We also have exclusive CIUT merch including shirts, tote bags, hats and for a limited time only, CIUT Covid masks.

If you can't tune in for Tuesday Nov. 16 no worries, you can always go to our website at and sign up online, or contact me.

This Tuesday Nov. 16 at 5pm; Tune in, Listen in, Phone in and Join up.

Besides our onair broadcast you can still hear us @;
online at
iTunes Radio
TuneIn Radio Phone App
Rogers Digital Cable - Channel 946
Bell Fibe - Channel 970
Star Choice Satellite Channel - Channel 826




Thanks Again as always!

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