Sunday, 26 February 2012

Prof Kitzel's Time Machine Profile; Beyond Possession

Beyond Possession was an early thrash/hardcore/skater crossover band from Calgary, Canada from 1984-89. They evolved out of an earlier bands named Riot and White Noise. They recorded a 7in ep ("Tell Tale Heart") in 1984 which was a fusion of skater thrash and horror punk, and, after switching guitarists, a full album ("Is beyond possession") in 1986 for Metal Blade Records that was more thrashy. They toured extensively especially on the west coast and praries touring with The Accused, Corrosion of Conformity, The Circle Jerks, DRI, Jr. Gone Wild, Die Kruezen, The Mentors, The Melvins, Suicidal Tendencies, Soul Asylum, SNFU, Verbal Abuse and Color Me Psycho (later known as Forbidden Dimension) and counted among their fans Metallica, Megadeth and the young Kurt Cobain. After going through various lineup changes (especially on guitar) they recorded demos for a second lp in 1989 that pointed to a more moody metal direction but broke up without finishing it. All their recordings were released on cd ("Repossessed") on the Melodiya label in 1996. There is also a myspace page which has some songs on it but it hasn't been updated since 2007 ( ). They can also be found on youtube and

Line up; Ron Hadley ~ vocals
Jaime Kenney ~ bass
Phil Pobran ~ drums
Ken Wall ~ guitar (1984/85)
James Yauk ~ guitar (1985/89)
Mike Davies ~ guitar (1989)
Will Pontes ~ guitar (1989)
Chris Banting ~ drums (1989)
John Heibert ~ guitar (1983)
Brent Beatty ~ drums (1983)