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Throwback Thursdays Retro Zines; Rear Garde Magazine Dec.1988

Rear Garde ~ December 1988;
In this issue of the Montreal zine; Interviews with The Butthole Surfers, All, Band Of Susans, Chris Spedding, Sham 69, Jr Gone Wild, Death Angel, The Look People, False Prophets, Adrian Sherwood, Carlos Perron of Yello, Rin Tin Tin, the Stratejakets, video director Scott Dobson and a short profile of Netwerk Records.


Record reviews of; SNFU, Sudden Impact, Suicidal Tendencies, Razor, The Feelies, Parts Found In Sea, DRI, Warzone, Anthrax, Metallica, Rollins Band, Skinny Puppy, Monty Cantsin, The Nils, Brian Setzer, Itsa Skitsa, Uncle Sam, Nick Cave, Dinosaur Jr, Bad Brains, That Petrol Emotion, MDC, Alternative Inuit, Chronic Disorder, Scruffy The Cat and more.

Concert Reviews of; Sham 69 & The Infamous Basturds, Blue Rodeo, Rise, The Purple Taods & Fail-Safe, DEath Angel & SCUM, One Free Fall & Chinese Backwards, Motorhead, Slayer & Overkill, Yellowman and the Festival Of Independent Music in Toronto featuring Rumble On The Beach & The Throbulators, Prairie Oyster, Cottage Industry, CaveDogs, Half Japanese, The Rheostatics & THe Crawlin Kingsnakes Carlos Perron of Yello and Greg Kroll of Prairie Oyster.

Playing in Montreal that month were;Voivod w/The Cro-mags & Violence, Three O'Clock Train, Groovy Aardvark, Go Four Three & Me Mom & Morgentaller, Sons Of Freedom, Itsa Skitsa, Testament & Raven, Split Second, The Pursuit Of Happiness, Screaming Tribesmen, Omar & The Howlers w/ MacLean & MacLean, Emo Philips, Bundock, Bowser & Blue, Celine Dion (of course), Myles Goodwin (of April Wine), Waylon Jennings, Jeff Healey, Sharon Lewis & Bram and The Deja Voodoo BBQ w/Deja Voodoo, The Gruesomes, Ray Condo, Shadowy Men, Supreme Bagg Team, House Of Knives & EJ Brule.


In other news;Jr Gone Wild and Raging Slab undergo lineup changes, The Doughboys, Fail-Safe, House Of Knives, Deja Voodoo, Shadowy Men, Dik Van Dykes, Rise, Ripcordz and American Devices have been in the studio and Fail-Safe singer has a new spin-off band named Bliss.

CRSG Top 33 & 1/3 Charts;
This Week ~ Artist ~ Album ~ Label ~ Cancon
1. ~ My Dog Popper ~ 668 The Neighbour Of The Beast ~ Cargo ~ cc

2. ~ Schooly D ~ Smoke Some Kill ~ Jive

3. ~ Skinny Puppy ~ Vivisect ~ Netwerk ~ cc

4. ~ Rapeman ~ Budd ~ T&G

5. ~ Various Artists ~ Fast & Bulbous ~ Imaginary ~ cc

6. ~ Colour Me Psycho ~ Pretend I'm Your Father ~ Raging ~ cc

7. ~ The Shuffle Demons ~ Bop Rap ~ Stony Plain ~ cc

8. ~ The Rollins Band ~ Life Time ~ Texas Hotel

9. ~ Big Stick ~ Crack n'Drag ~ BYO

10. ~ The Pixies ~ Surfa Rosa ~ 4AD

11. ~ MDC ~ 1980-1987 ~ Radical

12. ~ Front Line Assembly ~ Corrosion ~ Mute ~ cc

13. ~ Fred Line ~ Radio Car Jerome ~ Shimmy Disc

14. ~ Beurier Noir ~ Operation Sampam ~ Bondage ~ cc

15. ~ Various Artists ~ Real Authentic Sampler ~ Ras

16. ~ Test Dept ~ Terra Firma ~ Sub Rosa

17. ~ Various Artists ~ Human Machine ~ Homestead

18. ~ White Zombie ~ Soul Crusher ~ Caroline

19. ~ Scruffy The Cat ~ Boom Boom Bingo ~ Relativity

20. ~ The Young Gods ~ Amore ~ Play It Again

21. ~ Denis Brown ~ Inseparable ~ WKS

22. ~ Fred Frith ~ The Technology Of Tears ~ SST

23. ~ The Gathering ~ Let It Shine ~ World

24. ~ Moev ~ Yeah Whatever ~ Netwerk ~ cc

25. ~ Die Kreusen ~ Century Days ~ T&G

26. ~ Jean Derome ~ Confiture De Gagaku ~ Victo ~ cc

27. ~ Shelly Hirsh ~ Singing ~ Apollore

28. ~ Varoshi Fame ~ EP ~ Afterbirth ~ cc

29. ~ Pere Ubu ~ The Tenement Year ~ Enigma

30. ~ Lambs Bread ~ International Love ~ LBI

31. ~ Peter Blegved ~ Down Time ~ ReRec

32. ~ Elliot Sharp ~ Larynx ~ SST

33. ~ Jad Fair & Kramer ~ Roll Out The Barrell ~ Shimmy Disc

1/3. ~ Ray Condo ~ Mondo Combo ~ s/r ~ cc



Also printed were the charts for Montreal's other campus station CKUT which are notable for the lack of crossover hits with CRSG

The CKUT Top 35; No. ~ Artist ~ Album ~ Label ~ Cancon
1. ~ Fishbone ~ Truth & Soul ~ CBS

2. ~ Sarah McLachlan ~ Touch ~ Netwerk ~ cc

3. ~ Miriodor ~ Miriodor ~ Cuneiform ~ cc

4. ~ Various Artists ~ Stay Awake ~ cc

5. ~ Katie Webster ~ Swamp Boogie Queen ~ Alligator

6. ~ Various Artists ~ Sound Sampler ~ Nettwerk ~ cc

7. ~ Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds ~ Tender Prey ~ Mute

8. ~ Ambitious Lovers ~ Greed ~ Virgin

9. ~ Laibach ~ Sympathy For The Devil ~ Mute

10. ~ That Petrol Emotion ~ End Of The Millennium ~ Virgin

11. ~ Grant Hart ~ 2541 ~ SST

12. ~ The Cocteau Twins ~ Blue Belle Knoll ~ Polygram

13. ~ Skinny Puppy ~ Vivisect ~ Nettwerk ~ cc

14. ~ Dinosaur Jr ~ Bug ~ SST

15. ~ The Three Johns ~ The Death Of Everything ~ Caroline

16. ~ Conspiracy International ~ Core ~ Nettwerk

17. ~ Shinehead ~ Unity ~ WEA

18. ~ The Daylights ~ King ~ 109 Records

19. ~ Trio Bulgarka ~ The Forest Is Crying ~ Carthage

20. ~ Space Negros ~ Ethnic Musaz Of The 60's ~ Arf Arf

21. ~ Klinix ~ Fever ~ Antler

22. ~ Asher D & Daddy Freddy ~ Ragamuffin Hip Hop ~ Music Of Life

23. ~ Windmill Saxophone Quartet ~ Very Scary ~ Pathfinder

24. ~ Pigfarm ~ Hold Your Nose ~ X ~ cc

25. ~ Ornette Coleman ~ Virgin Beauty ~ Portrait

26. ~ Young Gods ~ L'Amourir ~ Pias

27. ~ Various Artists ~ A Vision Shared, Tribute To Woody Guthrie & Leadbelly ~ CBS

28. ~ Rin Tin Tin ~ Give Meech A Chance ~ Shake ~ cc

29. ~ The Lime Spiders ~ Volatile ~ Caroline

30. ~ The Sons Of Freedom ~ The Sons Of Freedom ~ Slash ~ cc

31. ~ Scott Johnson ~ Patty Hearst ~ Nonesuch

32. ~ Monty Cantsin ~ Ahora Neoismo ~ Maldoror

33. ~ Ludwig Von 88 ~ Special Olympique ~ Bondage

34. ~ Illusion Of Safety ~ More Violence & Geography ~ Complacency

35. ~ Marc Almond ~ The Stars We Are ~ EMI


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The Throwback Thursdays Retro Video Project Pres; Ultravox & Visage

This week in my Throwback Thursdays Retro Video Project; Ultravox and Visage.
Ultravox,led by Midge Ure are remembered for their series of 1980's New Romantic club hits like "Dancing With Tears In My Eyes", "Sleepwalk" and "Vienna". But there was an earlier version of Ultravox led by John Foxx who recorded three albums from 1976 to 1978 which were not hits but did became an influence on bands like Simple Minds, Joy Division, Japan, The Fixx, Comsat Angels, Killing Joke and especially Gary Numan with their icy guitar and keyboard sound and coldly moody songs about dehumanization, dislocation (also one of their song titles) and alienation.


For this song off the 1978 third album "Systems Of Romance" album I used footage from the end of the 1915 German Expressionist Horror film "Homnonculus". Although little known now this film was one of the influences on later horror films like Frankenstein. I also used this footage for a Killing Joke song but couldn't decide which version I liked best so I kept both.


Another song off the third album, this time using footage of a Navaho Indian dance for Teddy Roosevelt made by Edison Studios.


Yet another song off the third album using a film by Spanish filmmaker Segundo De Chomon short film, "Les Oeufs De Paques" from 1907. Chomon was a contemporary of George Melies whose style he built upon. I also used this film for a Siouxsie & The Banshess song.


After John Foxx left Ultravox in 1979 he was replaced by Midge Ure who changed the focus and sound of the band into a more lush and dreamy feel which would eventually spawn the New Romantic scene. But first he also joined with other members of Ultravox and Magazine to form a band around scenester Steve Strange as Visage who put out two albums and had a hit with the atmospheric "Fade To Grey" which sounds tailor made for silent films. Here I paired it with footage from the 1915 German Expressionist horror film "Der Golem". This film (starring Paul Wegener) was remade in 1922 (also with Wegener) and both versions were hugely influential on the later "Frankenstein" movies. The 1915 version was long considered lost until these snippets from the ending surfaced a few years ago. There is enough here to tell that there were considerable differences from the later version, notably that this version was set in modern times while the later was set in medieval Prague. In both versions however Wegener's iconic costume and makeup are largely the same.


In xxxx Steve Strange reformed Visage to redo songs from their first two albums with a full orchestra. This video of a song originally off the first album uses aerial footage from Berlin in the 1920's.


Another from the orchestral album for a song originally on the second album using a short old silent film from the 1910's with an extended dream sequence.


Yet another from the orchestral album for a song originally on the second album using a short art film by George Cup & Steve Elliot from 1972.

Throwback Thursdays Retro Zines; Rear Garde Magazine, October 1988

Rear Garde Magazine ~ October 1988;
In this issue; interviews with The Tragically Hip, Sugar Cubes, Asexuals, Dag Nasty, No Mind, Rise and Monty cantsin (in French).

Record reviews include; GG Allin, DRI, Pig Farm, Public Enemy, the Accused, M.O.D, Ladysmith Black Mambazzo, Voivod, Devo, Fatal Flowers, Current 93, Nurse With Wound, Janes Addiction, Lime Spiders, Band Of Susans, Edie Brickell, Boogie Down Productions, Spirit Of The West, Psyche, Infamous Basturds, Dwight Yokam, Pere Ubu, Wire, My Dog Popper, The Randy Peters, KD Lang, the Accused, Aswad, David Lyndley, 10,000 Maniacs, Colour Me Psycho, Bullet Lavolta, Book Of Love, State Of confusion, Stanley Clarke, the Three O'Clock, Raindogs, Mission Of Burma


Concert reviews for; Pere Ubu w/ John Cale, DRI, Kreator & Holy Terror, My Dog Popper, Art Bergman w/ 54-40, Iggy Pop, Das Damen, Dennis Brown, and Weddings, Parties, Anything.


Appearing that month were; The Cynics w/ The Stand, Weather Permitting, the Darned, Vilain Pinquin w/the Crawling Kingsnakes, Death Angel,w/ Scum, Jr Gone Wild, Laughing Hyenas w/ Die Kruetzen, Shadowy Men, Dik Van Dykes, Psychic TV, Shuffle Demons, Monty Cantsin, Weather Permitting, DDT, One Man's Meat w/ the Cause, John Hiatt, Sons Of The Desert, George Carlin & Jay Leno, Dutch Mason, David Lindley, Bobs Your Uncle, Dik Van Dykes, Chinese Backwards, Teknikuller Raincoats, Bowser & Blue, Shelia Gostick, Suicidal Tendencies and a NCRA benefit w/Dega Voodoo, Fluid Waffle, Jellyfishbabies, UIC, Town Cryers, Fail-Safe, Heimlich Manuever and Rise. Also happening; the Festival Musique Actuelle in Victoriaville w/ Terry Riley, John Zorn & Fred Frith, Anthony Braxton, Bill Frisell, Rene Lussier and more.



Note; All videos by Your Humble Blogger.

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Throwback Thursday Retro Zines; Rear Garde Magazine ~ September 1988

Rear Garde ~ September 1988; By this time the Montreal based magazine was nationwide at least in theory. Thus no more Montreal CRSG top 30 charts.

This month included interviews with the Circle Jerks, Razorbacks, Cowboy Junkies, Alex Chilton, Ludwig Von 88, Sudden Impact, MDC, Alternative Inuit, Scum, Pig Farm, Vilain Penguin, Johnny Arse & the Dogs, A.O.D, 76% Uncertain and a Festival International Rock De Montreal.


Reviews of records by; Teenage Head, Razorbacks, Joan Jett, J.F.A, Smashed Gladys, Ramones, Tragically Hip, Montrose, Testament, Flotsam & Jetsam, Burning Spear, Big Youth, Tracy Chapman, Nerosis, Iggy Pop, Cynics, Art Bergman, Camper Von Beethoven, Ludwig Von 88, Nina Hagen, Dils, Heresy, No Mind, Problem Children, Lost Patrol, Mystic Eyes, Beyond Possession, Purple Toads, Corpusse, Jello Biafra, Georgia Satellites, Surf Punks, Paradox and Weddings, Parties, Anything.


Concert reviews of; the Circle Jerks & 7 Seconds (Hey; I saw that tour), MDC, Three O'Clock Train & the Griffens, One Free Fall & the Tragically Hip (saw them too, thought they looked and sounded like UIC), Camper Von Beethoven & Screaming Watusis, Savage Garden, Nina Hagen (saw her as well, meh), Jerry Jerry & the Sons Of Rhythm Orch.

Appearing in Montreal that month were The Lyres, Fifth Column, Govt.Issue, No Mind w/ Pig Farm, Band Of Susans, Doughboys, The Boys, Heimlich Maneover, Fluid Waffle, Ray Condo, 54-40, Hall & Oates, King Diamond w/ Flotsam & Jetsam, Lillian Allen, Scorpions, Das Damen, JJ Cale, Pere Ubu w/ John Cale, Celine Dion (of course), UZEB, The Blushing Brides, Warzone and "Hell 88" featuring The Nils, Jr Gone Wild, Sons Of the Desert and Talk Shop


In other news Psyche Industry and BYC Records have merged to found Cargo Records, Deja Voodoo, The Gruesomes, TalkShop, Three O'Clock Train (after serious lineup changes) and the Hodads are in the studio, the Dundrells broke up and the National Campus Radio Org announces a new developement fund. Oh; and I started writing for them.

The Throwback Thursdays Retro Video Project Presents; Simple Minds pt2

More from my Throwback Thursdays Retro Video Project. This week; More Simple Minds.


A song off the 1981 third album "Empires & Dance" using a 1924 abstract film "Symphonie Diagonale" by Swedish/German Dada film-maker Viking Eggeling.


This song from "Sister Feelings Call" uses an odd silent short that features the miniaturized Denishawn Dancers circa 1910's


A track off the 1982 fifth album "New Gold Dream" using a 1912 film by Spanish film-maker (albeit working in France) Segundo De Chomon, a contemporary of George Melies whose style he built on.


This video uses an old silent travel doc SIMPLE MINDS ~ "CATWALK";

This track off the 1984 "Sparkle In The Rain" uses another film by Segundo De Chomon, "The Japanese Butterflies" from 1908. I also used this one for a track by The Band Of Susans.


An instrumental track off "New Gold Dream" using a 1924 by German Dada film-maker Walter Ruttmann, an associate of Viking Eggeling.


Another instrumental track, used as the b-side to the 1984 "Don't You Forget About Me" 12in single but most likely recorded earlier during the sessions for their sixth album "Sparkle In The Rain" in 1983 since they used the same producer in Steve Lillywhite. This is another film by Segundo De Chomon, "The Red Spectre" from 1907. SIMPLE MINDS ~ "BRILLIANT THINGS";

This is a demo of an instrumental track that would later become "Book Of Brilliant Things" off of "Sparkle In The Rain" using some test footage from "The Wizard Of Oz" including actors Judy Garland, Bert Lahr, Roy Bolger, Jack Haley and Margaret Hamilton.

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Throwback Thursday Retro Zines; Rear Garde June 1988

Rear Garde Magazine June 1988;

In this issue of the Montreal Music Mag; interviews with The UK Subs, Henry Rollins, Ray Condo, GG Allin, The Infamous Basturds, Talk Shop, Absolute Whores, The Honeymoon Killers and Big Daddy

Record reviews of the Razorbacks, Death Sentence, Deja Voodoo, Ludwig Von 88, Ten Commandments, Del Lords, Firehose, Didjits, Divinyls, Raunchettes, Sonic Youth, Cowboy Junkies, Dissidenten, Frank Zappa, Sugarcubes, MDC, Butthole Surfers, Sex Pistols, Wire, Karen Finley, Dickies, Lillian Allen, Dickies, Randy Travis, Shadowy Men, Royal Nonesuch, Mystic Eyes, Drums Along The Gardiner, The Brood, Fred Eaglesmith, No Means No, Dayglo Abortions.


Concert reviews of The Nils, The Mission, Rheostatics and the Rear Garde Benefit w/The Infamous Basturds, My Dog Popper, Fail-Safe, The Asexuals, The Darned, The Hodads, and Jerry Jerry.

Appearing in town that month; Depeche Mode, Dead Milkman, Jazz Butcher, Bowser & Blue, Sons Of The Desert, Elan, Big Pig, The Three O'Cock Train, The Stand, Chinese Backwards, Hodads, Elan, The Hex, The Darned, Paul James, Alex Chilton, The Nils & EJ Brule, Kitten With A Whip & Deadlines, Tragically Hip & One Free Fall, Clannad, Def Leppard, Eugene Ripper & The North, The Church, Celine Dion, 54-40, John Cougar Mellencamp, Cowboy Junkies, Sidewinders, Tackhead, Pogues, Bobs Your Uncle and Crosby, Stills Nash & Young w/Bruce Cockburn.


In other news; new releases coming from Voivod, the Gruesomes, Shadowy Men, Dik Van Dykes, No Means No and My Dog Popper are going on tour, various members of Fail-Safe and Three O'Cock Train are having babies (but not with each other), two members of My Dog Popper are getting married (to each other) as was a member of Chinese Backwards, lineup changes in the American Devices, Hodads, Jerry Jerry & His Sons Of Rythmn and "Krak" a rival music mag put out by CKUT ceases operations.


CRSG Top 33;
Number ~ Artist ~ Album ~ Label ~ Cancon

1. Various Artists ~ It Came From Canada Vol.4 ~ Og! ~ cc

2. Sonic Youth ~ Master Dik ~ SST

3. Dayglo Abortions ~ Here Today Guano Tomorrow ~ Fringe ~ cc

4. The Butthole Surfers ~ Hairway To Steven ~ Touch & Go

5. Jello Biafra ~ No More Cocoons ~ Alternative Tentacles

6. No Means No ~ The Day Everything Became Nothing ~ Alternative Tentacles ~ cc

7. The Pogues ~ If I Should Fall From Grace From God ~ WEA 8. The Dik Van Dykes ~ Nobody Likes ~ Og! ~ cc

9. Various Artists ~ Sgt Pepper Tribute ~ NME

10. Ludwig Von 88 ~ La Mission ~ Bondage

11. Wire ~ Kidney Bingos ~ Mute

12. Alien Sex Fiend ~ All Our Yesterdays ~ Anagram

13. The Sugarcubes ~ Deus ~ WEA

14. Various Artists ~ The Word ~ BMG

15. Failsafe ~ Demo ~ s/r ~ cc

16. The Band Of Susans ~ Hope Against ~ Blast First

17. Parabellum ~ ? ~ Bondage

18. Eisnterzende Nuebautten ~ Funf ~ Some Bizarre

19. Deja Voodoo ~ Big Pile Of Mud ~ Og! ~ cc

20. Honeymoon In Red ~ 12in Single ~ Widowspeak

21. Nips & Nipples ~ Bops, Babes, Booze & Bower ~ Big Beat

22. Talk Shop ~ Demo ~ s/r ~ cc

23. The Cowboy Junkies ~ The Trinity Sessions ~ Latent ~ cc

24. Various Artists ~ Poatoes ~ Ralph

25. Bunny Wailer ~ Rude Dance Hall ~ Shanichie

26. Family Plot ~ Convictions ~ FP Music ~ cc

27. The Razorbacks ~ Go To Town ~ OPM ~ cc

28. Jandek ~ You Walk Alone ~ Corwood

29. Various Artists ~ Hog Butcher To The World ~ Mad Queen

30. Dissection ~ Final Genocide ~ Fringe ~ cc

31. Upangybottom ~ Upangymania ~ Fuzzy Tongue ~ cc

32. Agnostic Front ~ Liberty & Justice ~ Combat

33. The Forgotten Rebels ~ Surfin On Heroin ~ Enigma ~ cc

34. Death Sentence ~ Stop Killing Me ~ Fringe ~ cc

35. The Del Lords ~ Based On A True Story ~ Enigma

36. The Didjits ~ Hey Judester ~ Touch & Go

37. MDC ~ This Blood's For You ~

38. Gary Clail ~ Tackhead Sound System ~ Nettwork ~ cc


The Throwback Thursdays Retro Video Project Presents; Simple Minds

More from my Throwback Thursdays Retro Video Project. This week; Simple Minds.

I know everybody remembers them from "The Breakfast Club", "Don't You Forget About Me", and that terrible hit album they followed it up with, blah, blah blah. But they had actually been around for several years by that time having recorded six fine albums full of atmospheric, almost cinematic songs (including several instrumentals) that naturally lent themselves to silent film. At least I always thought so.


The epic closer off their 1979 first album "Life In A Day" mashed up here with a 1915 film "The Portrait", based on a Nikolai Gogol story directed by Polish director Władysław Starewicz, who would later be better known as a pioneer in stop action animation. This little known film is one of the first real horror films and was an obvious influence on the later German Expressionist films especially the classics "The Student Of Prague" and "Faust".


A song off the 1980 second album "Reel To Real Cacophony" using an odd French farce "The Magic Prisoners", which experiments with backwards projection to show some prisoners apparently falling upstairs and breaking into jail.


Another song off the second album using a using a short art film, "Tails" from 1976, by Paul Sharits. This film spliced together the faded, underdeveloped ends of other films, hence the title. I used this same film for songs by Cabaret Voltaire and Siouxsie & The Banshees but couldn't decide which version I liked better so I kept them all.


An instrumental off the second album using a 1907 film "En Avant Le Musique" by Spanish director (albeit working in France) Segundo De Chomon, a contemporary of George Melies whose style he built upon.


Another instrumental off the second album using yet another Segundo De Chomon film "Les Lanatiques" from 1908.


Yet another instrumental from the second album, this time using some newsreel footage from Edison Studios of an gas refinery explosion from the early 1900's.


Another track off of "Reel To Real", this time an instrumental, using an early (1902) stop action film "The Destruction Of The Star Theatre" by Edward Armitage


Another track from "Empires & Dance" using a 1969 performance art film by Ben Vautier

Next time; More Simple Minds.