Saturday, 22 October 2011

Aaron Arsenic; RIP Dude

On October 21 Aaron Beamish, A.K.A. Aaron Arsenic, drummer with Toronto punk band Slow Motion Victory died when he was struck by a truck while he was skateboarding in the early morning and he died at the scene. He was only 2 but had already played with a number bands including Five Minutes to Glory, Sweet Lips and The Famous Monsters. But Slow Motion Victory were the most recent band, and the one most likely to actually be a success, having already gotten some buzz on CFNY after winning some sort of fan contest on Much Music. They're a basic pop punk band and not really on my radar, however they do have a cool version of the only Bryan Adams song that didn't suck.

Slow Motion Victory ~ "Run to you";

I knew him best from his earlier bands like the hardcore Five Minutes To Glory and The Misfits influenced Famous Monsters, who I booked a few times back in 2007-2008. They didn't have a cd but there is a Myspace page with some tracks on it.

The Famous Monsters ~ "Saturday Night" (live with dodgy sound);

Aaron was always a fun, upbeat, cheerful, friendly down-to-earth guy. And a great drummer too with a distinctive flailing but rock-solid style. We weren't really close but I remember running into him back in 2009 right after those lying scumbags at CKLN fucked me over and I was in a foul and bitter mood, he ran over and gave me a hug and offered to get me drunk. I don't drink but the gesture was sweet.

If he actually had lived to become the actual rockstar he clearly wanted to be I doubt it would have changed him. He still left behind a whole lot of friends, all of whom he deserved, and all of who already miss him.

A video someone put together of Aaron, (for some reason the music is from Blink 182);

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