Thursday, 2 November 2017

The Throwback Thursdays Retro Video Project Pres; Wire

This week on my Throwback Thursdays Retro Video Project; Wire.

One of the first generation of Art-Punks (along with Siousxie & The Banshees, The Fall, Ultravox, Subway Sect, Alternative Televison, Soft Boys and Desperate Bicycles), Wire quickly gained a different approach from the basic three chord thrash on their three albums from 1977 to 1979, plus a live album in 1981. After breaking up for a decade they reformed in 1987 and took up right where they left off and they're still at it to this day, albeit sometimes with a different drummer.


For this classic from the 1977 second album, "Pink Flag", I used a clip from a 1920's western starring Jack Hoxie which seemed to fit the almost Ennio Morricone feel of the song. Too bad the last few seconds of the fadeout got cut off. I also used this vid for a Fingerprintz vid.



This one uses some 1920's aerial footage of Wiemar Berlin

Another song off "Pink Flag" this time using a 1907 film by Spanish film-maker Segundo De Chomon, a contemporary of French director George Melies whose style he built upon. I used this film for a Siouxsie & The Banshees song but could decide which I liked better so I kept both.


A song off the first album using an early Edison Studios film with a crude attempt at special f/x.


for this song off the "154" album I used "Bob's Electric Theatre" by Segudo De Chomon


This song from the first album uses a short Dada art film made for the Fluxus Film Collective by George Maciunas circa 1967.

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