Thursday, 1 March 2018

Throwback Thursdays Retro Video Project Pres; Monoton

More from my Throwback Thursdays Retro Video Project. This week; Monoton.
German electro group Monoton was actually Konrad Becker who released a debut album in 1982 of dark atmospheric drones called "Monotonprodukt 07". The album was quite obscure at the time but it has since been cited as an influence on later electro-minimilists and was re-released in 2003.


This video uses an early 1908 DW Griffith film "The Lonely Vila", about a home invasion. I also used this film for a Cabaret Voltaire video but couldn't decide which I liked better so I kept both.


This video uses one of the early Edison Studios shorts from 1898.


This one uses another Edison Film, "Uncle Josh In A Haunted Hotel" from 1900. Uncle Josh was a recuring character of a rural rube who has adventures in the big city as the subject of a series of Edison shorts. This one is notable in having a supernatural theme.


This video uses an ealy french film "Arab Sorcerie".


This video uses a short art film by Joe Jones made for the Flux Films collective in 1966.


Another art film from the Flux Collective, "Exit" by George Brecht.


For this one instead of using a vintage silent film I used a modern silent short "Locked In" by Mathew Zellner that I thought needed a soundtrack.

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