Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Memorials for two 1980's Toronto music figures

Mean Steve Piano was a figure in the Toronto Rockabilly scene in the 1980's playing with The Paladins (not the L.A. band of the same name),The Razorbacks, Handsome Ned, Jack DeKeyser, Johnny Dee Fury, The Randy Peters as well as solo. He can be heard and seen playing and singing on the Razorbacks Christmas Special circa 1990 which is unfortunately only available in a very limited edition cassette (yes I have one and no you can't borrow it) however the best of it is on youtube ;

He also inherited Handsome Ned's radio show on CKLN after Ned died in 1987. Later he travelled to Memphis and lived in Europe where he recorded a couple of solo cds in the 1990's.

There's going be a memorial/grogfest Thursday March 10 at The Dominion on Queen;
This is a free and non-profit event for family, friends, fans & musical peers to gather and participate in a musical remembrance and tribute to Mean Steve Piano.

Many of Steve's friends and peers will be performing, including:

Danny Marks, Terry Wilkins, Victor Bateman, Big Rude Jake, Teddy Fury, Paul Brennan, Michael Danckert, Matt Allen, Glenn Kimberley, Ronnie Hayward, Steve Koch, Lori Yates... more to come!

Check back to this event listing as we get closer to March 10th to see the final list of performers. This Tuesday I'll be having some of the performers on my radio show playing live-to-air.

Video footage of The Mean Steve Rock'n Roll Spectaculars will also be screened.

There will be a cash bar and menu available.

Greg Morris was the singer for Johnny Onslaught a Toronto punk band circa late 1980's early 1990's. They only recorded a cassette as well. Onslaught bassist Pete Jones would later go on to the Tijuana Bibles and the Blue Demons. The Demon would also host a show on CKLN.

There is going to be a less formal memorial/grogfest for Greg Morris Monday March 11
at Dimitra's Bistro (Greek Restaurant)
782 St. Clair St. W. Toronto, ON M6C 1B6 (between Atlas & Arlington)


  1. How did Mean Steve die? We played/recorded together during his Atlanta sojourn in the 90's.

  2. I can't say for sure, sorry. The family would prefer to keep things private.

  3. I played bass with the original Paladins in the early 80's. My first audition on upright. We used to play frequently at the Cameron House. Best years of my life. I also have the master tapes from our recording session. They are old but if you are interested in reviving them, let me know. Jonathan Thackray (find me on Facebook)

    1. Jonathan, I can't find you on Facebook. I am interested in those tapes. Was a huge fan and booked to play at my College in'83.

  4. John Battagalia22 March 2013 at 19:17

    Wow those tapes must be amazing!Loved the Paladins