Tuesday, 8 February 2022

A Day With The Flu Trux Klan In Toronto


So I went out & covered the Toronto Trailerban protest today & took photos of the registration numbers of most of the trucks in case they should be needed in that future class action lawsuit which I had planned be to pass on although to be honest it was pretty tame. Unlike in Ottawa where there have been documented threats, assaults, vandalism, smashed windows, and at least really scary arson attempt. I mean except for the guy who was arrested for throwing literal shit. At any rate I'll post them here and you can decide if you want to business with them.


First unlike Ottawa the cops here did an effective job of funneling them away from any place like Hospital Row, Queen's Park & City Hall leaving them confined to a few blocks on Bloor from Bay to Spadina and on Queen from Spadina to University and that's really it.


Also I don't know about Ottawa or Calgary but downtown Toronto is basically a confusing warren of narrow one way streets. Because Fuck You and your stupid truck that's why.


Seriously; People have broken down in tears trying to navigate or find parking downtown so if the Trailerban thought they were going to roar up & down the streets blaring their horns they were in for a rude awakening.


Apparently some of them also thought they could get around the cops by using the Gardiner Expressway. Tee-Hee. I hope you brought a lunch Jethro.


This is why we ride the subway you goobers. Also we have streetcars. And as the Ford Bros found out when they tried to scrap them we love our streetcars. We especially enjoy watching you get stuck behind one. Also Fuck You again.


All this means that I saw dozens of trucks, not hundreds and certainly not thousands. There were also a lot of SUV's & pickups and hundreds of people on foot who had to park their cars a dozen blocks away where I saw them. Enjoy the hike to Bloor.


Seriously we have bigger traffic jams during the FIFA World Cup Finals and we're not even in that. There was also a moderately large rally behind Queen's Park, but I've seen bigger turnout for Pride Week. Also tougher looking cowboys.


Later I headed down to Queen st where there were maybe a dozen more trucks & few dozen vans etc. One guy blocked a truck for several minutes giving it the finger while it blared a super loud foghorn. Seriously it was deafening and I've seen Motorhead.


Then I walked over to City Hall where I was expecting another protest and...nothing. Just the usual crowd happily using the ice rink. Not a sign in sight. Zero. Nada.


Next I strolled over to Dundas Square. There's literally always somebody protesting something at Dundas Square right? All I found was a single bored security guard. Pathetic. I don't think these people are from around here.


These People Aren't from around here pt2; Pronouncing the second "T" in Toronto. I knew it! Fucking tourists.


These People Aren't from around here pt3; Overheard at the Royal Ontario Museum; "I think this is where they have the dinosaurs". To be fair he wasn't wrong.


Also outside the ROM; A dude yelling through a bullhorn that he has God & that's why he don't need no stinking vaccines. I should ask him about the dinosaurs. I bet he has some thoughts.


Bloor st; A line of trucks blaring horns along with an SUV with a dinky Beep-Beep horn. Hold-Renfrew's doorman yells out; "Get a louder horn loser!" Welcome to Toronto BTW.


Bay & Bloor; Trucks blocking the intersection so a twenty-something girl crosses the street by scampering UNDER the trailer. I actually yelled & reached out to grab her because even though she's a fucking moron and probably a terrible person that was damn dangerous.


I mean unless you think God gives you natural immunity from being crushed to death under the wheels of an idling semi. JFC I can't handle these fucking people.


I saw at least two rental trucks. So now we're just gonna rent a truck to join a "trucker" protest? Posers.


Random dude wearing a brand spanking new Infowars jacket. Dress for excess amIright?


Oh and don't have a truck? Just make your own out of a cardboard box and wear it down the street. That's cute.


Got to admit they put some work into that giant sheep on a flatbed. What are they going to do with it once they're done though? I'm picturing some sort of Wicker Man deal.


Clearly they have given some thought to messaging, I saw no Nazi or Confederate flags this time, although there were US flags, Gadsen flags & Trump flags because "Patriots".


What we do have is lots of vaccines = Communism type signs comparing Trudeau to Mao and Ceausescu and calling him a murderer. And some Holocaust signs & Yellow Stars. Nice to see the classics.


We also have a guy with a sign blaming vaccines on a Jewish Cabal. Because we certainly can't have a "Freedom Rally" without some old school conspiracy hate. Note this is not my pic but I did see him on Bloor.


He called himself Greg from New Brunswick and he's since been indentified;


I'd call this confirmation;


Also a truck with an Albanian flag. Yes I'm sure you have some deep thoughts about how Trudeau is just like Enver Hoxha. Sigh. These people are so exhausting.


What is this hippie shit?


Folks; I think he's on to me. Can he even cover up like that? What am I saying, what even are rules anyway?


Another one covering up. Does your boss know you're doing this instead of being at work?


BTW; Truckers bragging about a supportive tweet from Elon Musk, a billionaire trying to market a technology that assuming it worked would put them out of work, is peak 21st century populism.


Amidst all the "Fuck Trudeau" flags it's worth mentioning that in the last three elections the Tories won a grand total of zero seats in the entire city and it wasn't even close. These jerks do not speak for us. Here's the Toronto I know; Kensington Market. No trucks here. And Nazi Punks don't dare show up here.


And here's a Provaxx rally put on by healthcare workers at U of T which somehow the media missed.


In the interest of fairness I saw no violence and really this was just a mildly annoying Saturday afternoon that most of Toronto could easily ignore like we usually ignore you. Cry harder next time.


Note; At least one of the Trailerban didn't enjoy their trip to Toronto;"We were given the finger and told to fuck off more than we have in our entire lives". They should totally put that in the tourism ads.




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